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[warning] out of repentance and good ""

In November 2018 09, 08:11 source: The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission State website

Original title: [warning] out of repentance and good ""

Released in October 31st by the Shandong Provincial Committee on patrol rectification progress briefing, put forward to strengthen the warning education, shooting Wang Chuanmin case of serious violation of law and "2017" corruption is the wind Su Ji warning education, to carry out the warning education using the typical cases, the formation of a strong deterrent. Who is Wang Chuanmin? His serious violations of the law and what are the warning to us?

Out of the "good"

Shandong Provincial Grain Bureau, former party member and deputy director Wang Chuanmin serious discipline violations recorded warning

In February 22, 2018 seven, is at the beginning of the month, the first day of work after the Spring Festival, Shandong province launched a comprehensive new energy transfer project mobilization meeting, stressed to accelerate new energy transfer lies in the party, the key person. However, at this time the venue has a person, on tenterhooks distraught, what seems to be the bad feeling. He is the Shandong Provincial Grain Bureau member, deputy director Wang Chuanmin. The meeting over, just out of the hall he was already waiting there, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission staff. In the afternoon, the Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission website informed: "Wang Chuanmin alleged serious violation of the law, is currently under investigation and review."

Wang Chuanmin, born in April 1965 in Binzhou city waterfront, from a peasant boy grow up to be a deputy departmental level cadres. Before June 2013 was appointed deputy director of the Grain Bureau member, Shandong Province, he has been working in Zouping County, former director of the office of Zouping County Committee, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, county secretary, county deputy secretary, deputy magistrate, county magistrate, county Party Secretary and other staff. It is served as the county from the beginning of 2006, especially after 2008 to become the county Party Secretary, with the hands of more and more power, Wang Chuanmin's heart will swell up and power into the exchange of money chips in his eyes. The desire of the gear with him out of life after occlusion, then slowly from the beginning of the heart and the track, and ultimately slide into the abyss of crimes.

The so-called "good" let him into debt.

Wang Chuanmin bribery, huge amount of bribes, but also owes a debt ass, really confusing. With the in-depth investigation of the investigators, the reason slowly surfaced. Arch-criminal is the so-called "good" - jade and teapot.

In 2008, Wang Chuanmin travel to Ji'nan, in the cultural market around know jade zhang. Zhang told him, now jade mining limited, appreciation of space is particularly large. Then Wang Chuanmin was understood by the parties, Zhang said is true, since that saw a business opportunity".

One day two years later, Wang Chuanmin suddenly received a message, said there are a number of good goods to sell on the hand, if you sincerely want to be cheap. Wang Chuanmin instantly, a leakage of such a good chance, like a magnet to attract him, but he also suffer from all of a sudden not so much money, "think of a company in Zouping County boss choi.

Cuimou by friends when he was in Zouping county Party Secretary Wang Chuanmin, to reach out to Wang Chuanmin, please. Two people soon began to address each other as brothers, under the guise of friendship, and gradually reached a "tacit understanding". In Wang Chuanmin's "care", the original unknown small enterprise became the Zouping top three large enterprises, market capitalization rose from 100 million yuan to tens of billions of dollars.

Special thanks to Wang Chuanmin's care, Cuimou nature of "big brother" help indebted forever. When Wang Chuanmin to buy jade to find Cui sometime, Choi happily accepted.

Do not have a penny to pay for their own, also got huge appreciation potential "baby", a taste of power brought the "sweetness" of Wang Chuanmin in a get out of hand, getting bigger appetite. In the jade Zhang again and again three "brainwashing", he thinks this "love" is "elegant", from vulgar, "was completely bewitched". Since Choi for his dream of getting rich is most willing to pay, Wang Chuanmin simply Cuimou as "teller machine".

A 1 million, 2 million, 3 million...... From 2010 to 2013, Wang Chuanmin many times to buy a lot of jade jade from the hands of Zhang, worth up to about 30000000 yuan. While training the so-called "good", while the start of the dream of getting rich, looking forward to some day in the future to make a lot of money jade appreciation.

"I am obsessed, crazy to buy this jade, is a key step in me on illegal road. Like crazy, not a problem. Finally, must deal with money, or you are greedy, or stick, or cable." Wang Chuanmin confessed.

At this time, immersed in the "Dreams" can not extricate themselves the Wang Chuanmin did not think of "crisis" is coming. In 2014, Wang Chuanmin transferred to Shandong Provincial Food Bureau for less than a year, Cuimou suddenly came to the door, to beg for his money before, and threatened not to pay back the money let him ruin. Wang Chuanmin shaleyan. All his money into "good", forced him everywhere to raise money to repay, managed to quell the crisis before, and therefore owed a huge debt.

"Baby" fake "good".

At this time, Wang Chuanmin also gave his "good", really want to cash in the hands of the jade, the huge debt owed to repay, he looked for experts in recent years to save the baby, hoping to sell a good price, but experts said it was like sunny thunderbolt. He bought these jade are inferior goods, goods stall grades, let her run broken leg, broken mouth, the pile of fake jade a also failed to sell, he felt "good" has become a big joke.

In 2015, an accidental opportunity, desperate Wang Chuanmin saw a "way out". He is going to "invest" in the development of the teapot, another "good", this fantasy comeback to make money to pay. From 2015 to 2017, before and after Wang Chuanmin bought more than 2000 teapot. In order to meet the "good", Wang Chuanmin once again to many people to send home to ask for cash, gold, watches and other all comers. The chairman of a cypress in order to promote their own real estate projects, a one-time purchase of 5 kg of gold for Wang Chuanmin, the gold was also realized afterwards Wang Chuanmin buy a teapot. Crazy to buy pot Wang Chuanmin completely lost the reason, the use of his office in the Shandong Provincial Grain Bureau deputy director, a company legal representative Wang in the acquisition of the units directly under the provincial Food Bureau investment rebate on profit, after Wang bribes 2 million 100 thousand yuan, of which 600 thousand is spent on the teapot.

Greed is often accompanied by the collapse of Wang Chuanmin's wishful thinking is not good, also let him into a more difficult predicament. Finally, in the teapot auction, a kettle failed to sell out, he bought all the teapot even are fake, his "good" again became bigger than the day.

"He is not jade, throw the helve after the hatchet, with the pot to make up for the thing, the deeper the toss. Not really a teapot, full of pot or kettle chemical grouting mold, only the artistic value, not the value of the collection, all is vanity harm me." Wang Chuanmin see ya good as it is, but it's too late.

Defy the law become "living textbook"

Wang Chuanmin enjoys the money brought by "pleasure", immersed in their own weaving "Dreams" in the end, inextricably bogged down in, in a cocoon around oneself stumbled, his life also staged a brilliant first half, second half of the bleak tragedy. In May 16, 2018, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission Wang Chuanmin was expelled from the party and the public. The morning of August 1st, the first trial court of Laiwu City Intermediate People's court held a public hearing Wang Chuanmin bribery case, Wang Chuanmin pleaded guilty in court.

The Wang Chuanmin series of jade and blinded by lust for money fell into the teapot trap, like a crazy gambler, catch all the net worth of their own, "shattered dreams". At the same time, used to go career ambitions, dreams, also eroded by abnormal power desire. Life is a struggle inspirational, careless step fall into the abyss of doomed eternally. In the end, Wang Chuanmin for "good" big money, one is good, to satisfy their vanity, the more important it is a speculation, want to get rich appreciation. For Party members and cadres, love is like a "double-edged sword", keep a sober, but if "ulterior motives", the purpose is not love itself, but the pretext of "good" for personal gain, for hobbies to party to exercise restraint, not to go to a system of constraints. Accidentally, "good" as uncontrollable, become corrupt "".

For the good side of the typical cases of discipline violations of the "living textbook", give full play to the opposite typical warning, the Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission Wang Chuanmin with serious violations of the law and produced a feature film, and issued a notice requiring all departments at all levels unit earnestly organize the view from the focus, discipline violations learn profound lessons, learn a lesson, do the heart has fear, said, the line has ended. (the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission national website of Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission Li Lingna Wang Guanzhong)

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(commissioning editor Li Yuan and Yao Qian)
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