In order to broaden public communication and public supervision channels, timely investigation of illegal behaviors in response to the majority of Internet users attention to the problems of anti-corruption anti-corruption focus, the network will open a special welcome supervision, truthfully report "column, link the discipline of law enforcement and supervision department of cadres report website, users are welcome to report truthfully. In order to ensure that your report be accepted as soon as possible, please carefully read the report notes, to understand the scope of reporting website reception reports. Click "accept" into the report page, click "accept" exit report.

 The online report notes

A range of acceptance report

1 the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department of acceptance report website : for the party organizations, Party members and monitor objects in violation of disciplinary rules of accusation and complaint; Discipline Inspection and supervision organs shall be accepted by the party organizations, Party members and the surveillance against the disciplinary sanctions and other handling complaints; to clean government and discipline inspection and supervision work of criticism and suggestions.

2 the Central Organization Department "12380" acceptance report website : reflect above the county level leadership and leading cadres in violation of "selection and appointment of leading cadres work regulations" and the relevant regulations of the personnel selection problem report.

3, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the center received a report : "Criminal Procedure Law" in paragraph 2 of Article 18, and by the Supreme People's Procuratorate under the jurisdiction of the duty crime report.

4 the Supreme People's court accepted the report website : the judges of the Supreme People's court and the staff, and the higher people's Court of the hospital leaders discipline violations reported.

5 central state organs report website acceptance of Party organizations, Party members and Party members to report acts of violation of Party discipline of charges and complaints, to protect the rights of Party members.

In 6 the Ministry of public security "12389" acceptance report website : report against the public security organs and the public security police corruption and bribery, dereliction of duty, violation of self-discipline and self policing and other violations; involving public security organs clean government's criticisms and suggestions.

In 7 the Ministry of land and resources to report illegal mail acceptance of land, commercial bribery, mining violations were reported.

Two, matters needing attention
1 please according to the specific content of the report, in the report the site acceptance report within the scope of report.
2 please consciously abide by the Constitution and laws of People's Republic of China.
You should report the contents of the 3 is responsible for the authenticity, objectivity, shall not fabricate facts, manufacturing false, false accusation of others. By reporting false accusation against others, will be seriously dealt with, will even be held liable.
4 for the acceptance of your report in a timely manner, and work to start as soon as possible, please report to the relevant reporting center according to geographical jurisdiction etc..
The 5 report should be practical and realistic, truthfully provide the relevant information and facts of the crime by informants.
6 advocate real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing. For real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing, please fill out the telephone and other projects.
7 please do not repeat the report.